Nigeria is a country amass with robust cultures, traditions, and beliefs, the traditions country-wide sort and ensured a mutual coexistence of the various cultures. It is unfortunate that the peace, tranquillity, harmony, and success that were the products of the cultural dynasty. 

Unfortunately, the growth, peace, and benefits of following the norms of traditions and beliefs were stolen from every Nigerian. But the thing is this betrayal, though the effects started materializing from the late '80s until date.

There has been a seismic shift from the Nigeria which was known in the early 1900s where respect for elders was the norms and in return elders showed similar respect to the youths, a Nigeria where self contention was the norm, a Nigeria where the position of elder is earned and not bought, a Nigeria where safety as a member of a community is guaranteed.

Let me use a short personal example to highlight the shift, in 1972 on my first day in primary school, I did not know what to do when school finished so as the bell rang I followed other children walking outside of the school and not waiting for my mother to come to pick me up. Firstly, I had no idea where I was and even how to get home, as a result, I lost my way, in the confusion that assumed I began to cry and a man in some kind of uniform came to me as softly spoke asking for my mother.
The man noticed that I was scared and perhaps dehydrated so he bought me a meat pie (my very first J ) and a bottle of Fanta, I became calmer after a while and was brought to the police station to wait while the police searched for my mother, my mother was later found that day because she was also searching for me everywhere she could. When my mother arrived at the police station and collected me, the same man( who I then knew was a policeman and the uniform was a police uniform ) came and brought me a second meat-pie and with a smile, he said: “ The police are your friend and we are here to serve you, young man”.

In contrast, if that was to happen today perhaps the very policeman would either, sell me, try to collect ransom, or even in a worst-case kill me for some juju ritual aiming at either some false invincibility or false wealth, now this later comparison is known to ever Nigerian thus the end police brutality protests all over the country, the question is where did we go wrong?

Attack on Nigerian cultures and beliefs?

In 1800 when the British Empire entered Nigeria the cooperation between the various tribal leader and elders was from very little to none leading at times to violent blemishes between the British empire and local or indigenous elders and chiefs one prominent case is that of Ovonramwen, Oba of Benin which subsequently ended in his exile and later death in Calabar.

The British empire policy change in 1896 is widely held responsible for Nigerian setbacks today.
Before the outright rebellion by the Oba of Benin, the British empire was beginning to have its doubts concerning the benefits of holding on to Nigeria as the tribal leaders dealt in every way with a high degree of distrust and refusal to follow the white man. 

In October 1896 the Acting Consul-General, James Robert Phillips, on a trip to the Benin river district had meetings with traders and agents thus prompting him to send message to the crown where among other things he stated:
“The only way that the empire can collect the abundance of resources from these locals is if we remove those with honor and dignity. The locals here are likened to wild horses and with little gifts, we can get them to turn against their leadership, their naivety, and their lack of awareness when being led like horses can be a valuable instrument for the empire”.

Preceding the communique a formal request was made by Phillips to his superiors in England for permission to invade Benin City in November 1896. His request to London was to depose the king of Benin City, replace him with a Native Council, and pay for the invasion with the 'ivory' he hoped to find in the king's palace.
When news of the military campaign against the kingdom of Benin reached London and the effectiveness of removing honorable individuals who in one way or the other prevented the outright looting of the Benin kingdom.
In an extract of a letter between the then Lord Salisbury to Rear-Admiral Harry Rawson on the topic of Benin lord Salisbury  wrote 
“ I am fully in support of the suggestion by Major Philip about removing the chiefs of the locals and replace them with those that will do only our bidding, I would personally recommend to His majesty that you lead the full campaign to rid that land of any opposition, there will also be the need to have someone to oversee those locals otherwise they become new problems for the empire, I would suggest the inclusion of  Baron Frederick Lugard because of his unequal loyalty to the crown and he is a man of good feudal advantages”.
The success of the military campaign in the Benin kingdom was the start of the British empire´s forceful extorsion of Nigerian rights and was followed not long after in 1899 when Lord Lugard had proclaimed a British protectorate over much of the Sokoto Caliphate. Known as the battle of Kano and Battle of Kwatarkwashi This action also leads to the British imposition of Muhammad Abbas as the then-new Emir of Kano.

Fact :


Phillips embarked on a military expedition with two Niger Coast Protectorate Force officers, a medical officer, two trading agents, 250 African soldiers masquerading in part as porters and part as a drum and pipe band --à 250 Nigerian men and 2 white men were key to removing the kind of Benin.

with some 2,500 (official figures) religious artifacts, Benin visual history, mnemonics, and artworks being sent to England.

 The policy of putting horses to lead Nigerians ever since the defeat of the Benin monarchy remained in Nigeria till this day ---à Otherwise how do we explain to British or White election observers when Nigerian election takes place and what do white people have to do in the swearing-in ceremony of Nigerian leaders but Nigerians are not invited to monitor their elections?

Just like modern-day united nations resolutions, the amalgamation of Nigeria was not indigenously motivated but rather a western colonial imposition on Nigerians and just like the defeat of the Benin kingdom, the western colonial powers use Nigerians to archive their goals.

Twitter bans Nigerian President

Recently the social media website Twitter banned the Nigerian president Mohammadu Buhari from the platform, a high number of Nigerians applauded the move based on their discontent over the current state of Nigeria without looking at the bigger ramifications or consequences of that action and resulting consequences.
The later move by the government of Nigeria to ban Twitter and even outlawed it from the country was unexpected. As a Nigerian myself, I believe that the move of the government was the right move because the act of Twitter goes to show that Nigerians have been living in a state of cyber colonialism.

I do agree that the government of Muhammadu Buhari has failed Nigerians in several areas but the precedence would mean that if Twitter was to be allowed to disrespect Nigeria in such a manner then the next president of Nigeria will be subject to such western operatives like Twitter and Facebook thereby we as Nigerians remain fool to the western powers.
Hence the drive to have Nigeria´s own social media platform is a step in the right direction and the government's endorsement of 9jacommunity as Nigeria´s own social media platform welcomes freedom for all Nigerians as 9jacommunity is a non-governmental platform.

Western governments have implemented several racist colonialist organizations aimed to block the growth of African and other less fortunate countries, for example, the international criminal court only for other countries while the western elites /colonial masters are exempt from persecutions or even condemnation. 
In no western nation can there be armed insurrections but when it happens in African countries the west will want to play the role of human rights champions. The Biafran war had white men on both sides acting as advisers, why? Do African also go to their wars as an adviser, I keep asking the question that since Nigerian independence we have always had white men coming to boss our development efforts but our country is worst off than before so why do we even hire them?

The western colonial powers also use the united nation as a tool against Africans for example, the assassination of Gadhafi and the French presence in the Sahel region all without the consent of indigenous people, can any African country go to the united nations and say we want to send troops to America to save Black Africans being killed by police in America? So why is it so easy for the colonial powers to just tell us that they have mandates and then they act?

Western companies enter Nigeria and proper, steal Nigeria´s money and we still leave them there, take a look at companies like Julius Berger, Strabag, and other companies, they have been working on Nigerian roads since Nigerian independence and still there are no good roads in Nigeria, a white man who will earn € 2000 a month in his country will be brought to Nigeria and paid as much as € 50000 a month, a personal driver, cook and housemaid why? we call them expatriates but their works in Nigeria calls them nonsense and a waste of our money.

Are Nigerians that migrate into the countries of these white men treated with the same accord? I know you will say that maybe the Nigerians do not have the right documents well that is not true my friend and you know that.
Nigerians were and are still being fooled to believe that western education is better than Nigerian education, trick propaganda that fills the treasury of countries like Britain with upward of 3 billion pounds per year, so no wonder they sabotage the Nigerian education system so that the children of the rich will be sent to their countries where they are even treated like slaves and the constantly live-in fear for their visa.
It is time for Nigerians to see the members of ASU and other organizations that use strikes to disrupt the learning of our students as traitors and should be tried for treason as traitors and should be tried for treason because they place their interest over the needs of the Nigerian students.

The reason is that their actions do not only affect the students but the economy with over 25 Billion pounds leaving Nigeria to western countries for education per year.
Calls for disobedience or separation
There are several politicians from different political leaning who are credited for soliciting separationist ideologies, they tap on the suffering of the poor citizens and their sentiments. You tell people to stay at home knowing that most people in Nigeria survive daily, but you have storages full of foodstuffs your you and your family, you call for rebellion knowing that if the killings start you and your family will fly out of the country leaving the poor citizens to be killed. Politicians and the rich in Nigeria own homes outside of the country and still they speak of bad governance when they are not in power.

My people make us stand up against being fooled, stand up against being told lies, demand justice, demand service from the government, do not forget that THE RICH IS PROTECTED BY THE POOR!!!